About Our Menu

At The Big Big House we love serving our customers with quality, value for money, fresh food.

The Big Big House is an allergy aware centre and as such, you will not find any nut products on our menu.

We have a wide range of Gluten Free options available for purchase. Please note a $0.50 surcharge may apply.
​​​​​​Items available in Gluten Free are marked **

Our staff are committed to making your visit Fun, so sit back and enjoy your Family time!

Little Big Box


Chicken Nuggets and Chips**
Fish Nuggets and Chips
Toasted Cheese Sandwich**
Fairy Bread and Fruit **

Includes small drink (Select one option per meal)

Big Big Box


Chicken Nuggets and Chips**
Fish Nuggets and Chips
Small Nachos
Salad Wrap (Ham or Chicken)

Includes small drink (Select one option per meal)

Hot Drinks

Soy and Lactose free milk and Decaf coffee available $0.50 surcharge applies
Hot chocolate available White, Milk and Dark

Hot Drinks

^ Select 3 Toppings for your House Wedges - Salsa - Cheese - Bacon - Chicken - Pineapple - Tomato - Onion Served with Sour cream and Sweet chilli sauce


Say 'Cheese'
Pizza Sauce and Chees

Carlic and Cheese


Ham, Pineapple, Pizza sauce and cheese
BBQ Chook
Chicken, Pineapple, Pizza sauce, Cheese and BBQ sauce
Pepperoni, Pizza sauce and cheese
Spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, Mushroom, Pizza sauce and cheese

Something Light

Something Light

Soup of the Day                                    $5.00
Chicken Roast Gravy Roll**           $6.50
Fruit Toast                                               $4.00
with Jam/Honey/Vegemite           $4.00
Toasted Ham and Cheese              $5.50
Toasted Sandwich/ Wrap               $7.00

Salad Bar

Salad Bowl - Small**                           $5.00
Salad Bowl - Large**                           $8.50
Roll, Wrap, Sandwich**                    $5.50
Add Chicken**, Bacon, Ham**,
Turkey or Salami                                   $1.50
Bowl of Fruit**                                       $5.50

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